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The first published title by Need Help Servcies is "Dreams"'s a book of poems by author, Billy Bolander.

Billy has been writing poetry for about 12 years now, and has "always dreamed of publishing" his work, since he started writing. The first thing for Billy to do was..."to actually feel comfortable enough for others to read everything" he had wrote. After overcoming that, he had to decide on how to go about publishing it. Since Billy is a person of independence, it's no wonder why he wanted to do everything himself.

"This book is dedicated to all of the people, places, things, and ideas that have nourished my heart over the past years". He has come to realize that "memories are the keys to happiness, without them, life would be dull indeed".

"Dreams Never Die", his signature poem, is a literary representation of the way he lives his life everyday. The poems in this book are in consecutive order, harboring no exclusions. He wrote these poems from his heart, not his head. So, whatever he writes is "true". He feels that poetry is not necessarliy about rhyming, it's about truth. He believes that "Life doesn't always rhyme, but life IS always truth". Also, for Billy to write and publish this book, has been a liberating experience. He is now imparting a peice of his soul in the hopes that you will share the belief that, "Dreams Never Die".


"MARITimes" is a published quarterly newsletter for Maritime Archaeological Research Institute, a Non-Profit Organization. The newsletter covers articles of Maritime History and Underwater Archaeology. The first issue (dated Spring 2003) has a story of the Great Lakes Ghost ship "Minnehaha", The USS Huron, The Monitor, and the first submarine every to sink another ship...The Hunley.

This newsletter was created by Robert Westrick, the President and a Board Member of MARI Inc. In the first week of the publication, it has already drawn 16 subscribers . If you would like to receive a yearly subscription to this newsletter, you can contact MARI Inc. at: The price for the newsletter is only $12 per year.

Forth-Coming Titles

The name of the second, and third books to be published by Need Help Servcies are titled "Dreams Too", and "Dreams Cubed",'s the SECOND & THIRD poetry books in the series from author, Billy Bolander. Need Help Services has contracted a 3 book deal from Billy, and have the exclusive rights to publishing them, with first offer rights to anything thereafter.

Also...look for a book by Robert Westrick entitled "The U.S.S. Peterhoff". This started as his History Thesis for East Carolina University en route to his Masters' Degree.

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