Reef was born and raised in Northwood, Ohio (suburb of Toledo). His mother's name is Karen. His father, Bill Sr., worked on the railroad. Through school Reef was involved in many sports. He attended college in Toledo where he majored in Accounting. After college he moved to the Phoenix area to pursue his acting career. While trying to make it as a successful actor, Reef supports himself by being an Accountant, and also owning his own business doing small Publishing projects. Some of his old jobs include being a Busboy, a dishwasher, warehouse delivery, and delivering pizza's. Reef has just recently Self-Published a book of poetry entitled "Dreams".

Reef has his own business called Need Help Services. He and his friend Robert Westrick, started the business of doing odd jobs during their college days back in Ohio. Since then Reef has the business name Trade Marked in Arizona, where he does Tax and Accounting Services, Consulting, and Publishing.

Reef is a SAG eligible actor who has been acting for the past 8 years. He has film, commercial, stage, industrial, educational video, and improv in his long list of credits.

He is currently writing a Play, 2 Movie Scripts, and an Independent film. Filming for the Indy is scheduled for Summer 2003. Reef plans on entering the film into many different Film Festivals by the end of the year.

The first things he directed were 2 audition videos for Jeopardy's Clue Crew. Coming up is the Indy short that he is writing, which he will be Directing also.

Reef was the camera man on the Indy Short titled "Shadow of a Woman" written and directed by Daniel Hipps.

Reef was fortunate enough to get to do different Techincal jobs on movie sets and in the theatre. He was a "wrangler" in a production of the Mesa Arts Center's "Best of Show", did sound for an Independent film that he also starred in, called "The Chosen One", and also helped with lighting in Arizona State's "Market Research" video (in which he was also the Host).

Reef loves to take pictures of scenery. His favorite photo is one of a lake up in the mountains of Crown King, Arizona. In it he captures the beauty of the mountains, water, and a huge tree which gives a reflection in the lake.

Reef started painting with a big 5 foot by 4 foot Canvass abstract painting, which now resides in his living room. He has been asked to paint others for his friends' houses.

His first book titled "Dreams", is a poetry book that is due out on bookshelves in October 2002. He also has 2 follow-up books to "Dreams" finished, and is working on his 4th.

Reef had been asked by the Mesa Arts Center to teach a class called "Commercial Workshop". He has taught it 5 times now and enjoys being able to give insight to others who look to pursue an acting career. With any luck, Reef will be teaching more classes/workshops at the NEW Mesa Arts Center when it opens in 2004.

As a certified SCUBA Diver, Reef has done most of his diving in the Florida Keys, but has also had the opportunity to dive places in Ohio, and Arizona. This summer (2003), Reef can be found working for HRD, Inc. as a Salvage Diver in Vero Beach Florida. While working with HRD, Reef has found a Ship Rudder section, a Cannon, and a Cargo Hook all coming from one of the old Spanish Galleons of the 1715 fleet.

Reef has been to 32 of the 50 states. He also has Canada and Mexico to his credits of other countries visited.